Tree Surgeon Courses | Arborist Training

 Tree surgeons courses | Chainsaw - Tree Climbing - Machinery Courses 


Arbschool has a custom built Land Based skills centre offering, first class training facility within an outstanding area of the Country with an abundance of natural resources.


Course delivered to a high standard to City and Guilds NPTC training, In Arboriculture, Use of Chainsaw courses , Tree surgery Block courses,  Land, Habitat & Conservation tasks, Forestry work and much more 


The courses are delivered to national vocational standards, designed to provide learners with up to date practical skills, compliant with legislation to gain internationally recognised qualifications.


Whether you require a skills update, enhancement in training or a new skills set for a new career.


Arb school staff work hard to ensure your experience at Arb School meets and exceeds your aspiration & expectations from a training provider.


Our Instructors & Assessors are experts in their chosen field, having a wealth of real life commercial sector experience. within relevant aspects including Utility Arb', amenity Arb' and have been carefully selected for their experience to deliver our courses and assessments.


Our Instructors & Assessors, use a positive blend of theory and practical application, using professional tools, machines & equipment, in order to help students develop vocational skills, toward achieving your goal,


We do not bombard our students with content centred solely on paperwork or unrealistic or excessive theory work, instead we offer a blend of theory and hands on application / use during the course.


thereby offering the students a real working world experience, similar to that of the world of work , to perhaps help students prepare both mentally & physically for the expectations of sector employers.


Our specialism is orientated around :Amenity Arboriculture , Utility Arboriculture ,Forestry & Amenity Horticulture with aspects including First aide - trauma Aid courses.


Our Learners can take advantage of Arb Schools Facilities which include: indoor training rooms; for theory works or computer tasks our Workshops; for practical equipment - machine preparation / inspection & maintenance.


 NPTC units Chainsaw & aerial units

  • 201 202 203 Maintenance & Cross Cutting and Felling + Processing Trees up to 380mm Replaces old CS 30/31
  • 301 Fell & Process Trees over 380mm old cs32
  • 206 306 Accessing a Tree using a Rope & Harness and aerial Tree Rescue Operations
  • 308 Aerial Cutting of Trees Using Free-fall Techniques (old CS 39)
  • 307 Tree Pruning operation unit 307 old Cs 40
  • 309 Aerial Tree Rigging Unit 309 old CS 41
  • 207 Arboricultural Ground worker Cs45
  • 205 Powered Pole Chainsaw unit old CS47
  • Ua1 Electrical awareness [Powerlines]
  • 222 Use of Brushwood Chipper ( Hand fed )
  • 220 Use of Stump grinder
  • 305 Emergency Damaged tree operations
  • Safe use of Plant machinery 360º Diggers upto 10 Tonnes
  • PA1 & PA6a herbicide application
  • Ride on Self Propelled Mowers
  • Pedestrian controlled mower
  • Strimmer & Brush cutting Operations
  • Tractor driving & use of associated implements
  • Thorough inspection of Arboricultural equipment
  • NRSWA Signing & Guarding Streetworks unit 2 operatives & 10 supervisors
  • Use of Mechanical Elevated Work Platform category 1B
  • First aid +F